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AT Pro International
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Garret AT Pro International
Garret AT Pro Inetrnational (box)
Caratteristiche Garrett AT PRO
Piastra 8,5 x 11“ DD

Garrett AT International TM Pro is the new professional metal detector for all types of terrain.

Versatile: the control box and the connectors are waterproof and protect the detector from the dusty, muddy, damp and water. AT TM Pro International can be immersed in water at a maximum depth of 3 meters.

Advantages of plate search 8.5 x 11 "DD:
Exceptional ability to identify
Excellent visibility of the soil
Greater depth of research
Reduces the negative effects of soil mineralization and interference caused by salinity
Design blunt to increase the scanning area


Key Features

Operating frequency: 15 kHz
Audio Mode: Standard and Professional
Tone Audio Level ID: 3
Fast recovery
Target ID Cursor segments: 20 (12 marking discrim.)
Discrimination iron segments: 40 (0 to 39)
Iron Audio TM: Identification of iron advanced
Notch Discrimination Accept / Reject
Search Modes: 6 (3 standard, 3 Pro)
Sensitivity / Depth Adjustment: 8
Electronic Pinpoint
Ground Balance
Waterproof to 3 meters
Headphones supplied
Standard plate: 8.5 "x 11" DD Proformance
Length: adjustable from 1.06 to 1.29 meters
Total weight: 1.4 kg
Power supply: 4 AA batteries
User Manual: English and Italian
Warranty: 2 years

Optional search coil for Garrett - AT Pro International

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