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Tesoro Cibola metaldetector
Cibola box

Analog metal detectorsearch type motion, particularly easy to use and with few controls on the box of checks. The frequency and VLF type of discrimination uses a special circuit AND 180. Discrimination and threshold are adjustable and has a button to pinpoint the center of the object. For its ease of use is recommended for novice searchers. Suitable for research on land countryside, mountain and agricultural products.


Key Features

  • Operating Frequency: 14,3 - 14.5 to 14.7 kHz
  • Operating modes: Pinpoint All Metal and Discrimination Silent serch
  • Power supply: 1 9V alkaline battery
  • Battery life: 10 to 20 hours
  • Plate included: 9x8 "with concentric salvapiastra

Optional search coil for Tesoro - Cibola

5.75 "Widescan
5.75 "Widescan

€ 141,90 + Iva

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