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XPlorer DEUS Telecomando e cuffia WS4 Coil X35
Deus, chiuso e completamente aperto
Telecomando Deus
Piastra con salvapiastra e clip per ricarica
Cuffie WS4

Deus is the metal detectorXplorer new concept. Completely wireless, lightweight and Italian

Patented design based on three elements.

• plate, remote control and headphones have the property to communicate with each other without wires
• Power, speed, precision, lightness and compactness are the hallmarks of the brand new metal detectorXplorer DEUS.
The menu and settagli programs are in Italian, thanks to collaboration between electronic and EB Xplorer division Detector Center.
• DEUS has no wires, information, survey data, are digitized and analyzed directly to the source through a miniature digital circuit, with a significant improvement in the quality of signal acquisition. This chip in the plate metal detector processes the information and sends real-time to the headphones and the box via command radio link.

Without the command box ... DEUS still works! Headphones, alone, can control the metal detector, this makes it even lighter (875 grams).
Without the remote you can still change settings such as: discrimination, sensitivity, land, frequency (4, 8, 12, 18kHz) - Multi-tone, etc. ...
But also draw programs or those works previously created with the remote.

Telescopic "S". This new ergonomic shaft allows greater maneuverability and speed of research.
Closes in just 5 seconds, comfortably and Deus carries very little space.


• Menu settings and programs in Italian
• Search motion with no motion pinpoint
• 4 frequency (4kHz, 8kHz, 12kHz, 18kHz) + LAG
• Adjustable power and reactive
• Sound Curve, iron volume, multi-tone, Notch, etc. ... advanced features (Expert)
• Cancellation effects of soil
• Discrimination very precise
• pre-set programs (Quick Start) and storage of personal programs
• digital wireless communications (36 channels)
• Ultra Lightweight: 970 to 870 g with box controls belt
• Removable control box with a magnet
• Backlit graphic display
• Intuitive
• Standard USB connection to update the software on the Internet
• Lithium batteries Lithium 7gr
• Charging the batteries fast and smart charging three elements simultaneously (charging time 90 minutes)
• Autonomy: plate research about 10 hours - remote control and headset circa20 hours
• Plate DD carbon fiber lightweight and waterproof

Features Headphones

• wireless headphones with your interface type.
• Settings: Sense, discrete, G, Frequency, 1, 2, 3, 4 tones, etc. ...
• Preset and Custom Programs
• Read, resealable
• Lithium batteries

Accessories: salvapiastra, lithium battery, 220V charger, headphones, remote control, load the clip plate, USB cable for software update.

Optional search coil for XPlorer - Deus


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