Evolution OKM

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OKM Evolution display
Evolution OKM
Evolution schermate
Display a colori

New Ground 3D Scanner Evolution detector with digital technology, color screen   touch screen.   For the detection of gold and silver. Evolution is the new metal detector OKM-resolution 3D graphics.   New feature: bluetooth wireless communication, including the box, the display and sensor research, these 3 parties shall notify each other without wires. To date, the metal detector 3D Scan Ground smallest and lightest on the market, thanks to the VLF is perfectly suited to all land search. The software is translated into 10 languages, including Italian.
Evolution offers the possibility to remove the display from the control box and connect to the arm, the communication is wireless (wireless). The rod is telescopic, its maximum length is 80 cm.

* Ground Scan function on your computer in real-time three-dimensional graph
* Function metal detector with metal discrimination
* Telescopic
* Wireless sensor
* LED lighting research in the dark
* Touch screen
* VLF function with audio tone
* Function Ground Scan with 3D analyzer GST / EMSR


Plate Search

  • wireless (wireless communication) technology GST
  • function metal detector
  • Ground Scan function with sensor included (SCMI-15-D)
  • size: 21x13 cm
  • Evolution total length: 81 cm
  • Evolution total weight: 1 Kg
  • 4 integrated LEDs for night search

Control unit and display

  • wireless communication with the plate
  • internal speaker and stereo headphone jack
  • Display size: 14 x 8 x 3 cm
  • display weight: 200 g
  • Touch-Screen
  • LCD Touch Screen size 2.83 "(7.2 cm diagonal)
  • Display Resolution: 320x240
  • pixels: 0060 x 0180
  • Color: Full Color (262K color)
  • adjustable contrast

Search Mode

  • live sound (metal detector function) with audio tone
  • 3D Scan (GST & VLF) function Ground Scan your computer with 3D image


  • Control Unit: 2 x AA 2600 mAh 1.5
  • Plate: 2 x AA 2600 mAh 1.5
  • Battery status is being monitored on display
  • Autonomy search 4 hours


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