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EXP 5000

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Sistema di visualizzazione e audio  integrata negli occhialii

Metal detectors for the detection of metals in the subsoil, which identifies metals without digging. Detects gold, silver, copper, aluminum, ferrous and all types of metal. Detection of a target can be acoustic, with graphic analog with digital graphic or light signal shaped curve on the display. EXP5000 measure anomalies in the subsoil, so it can detect cavities, buried objects, water deposits, mineral deposits. This tool includes the best search technology known today. Through the glasses provided, the user sees what crawls, these special glasses are designed for both research night, both for research with daytime glare solar system.

EXP5000 is a metal detector with advanced technology packed into a small box controls very light and maneuverable, allowing measurements with very good memory of 256MB. All data collected can be displayed on the computer and analyzed with three-dimensional software with added features (date, time, sensor used, etc..) Detection and location with GPS satellites to 24, then return to the site of the scan will be very easy and precise. EXP5000 is equipped with 50 cm probe mounted on a telescopic pole, you can fit a wide range of optional accessories, or EXP5000 Pro version, have them included. EXP5000 has the following features in use.

  • Magnetometer - for the detection of iron masses.
  • Ground Scan - representation of the color detection with three-dimensional resolution.
  • Discrimination - can recognize and filter out the ground to detect only precious metals like gold and silver, copper, etc.. Special probes are available for both discrimination of metals, both for the correct identification of detected metal.
  • Metal detector - metal detection function
  • Live Scan - shows real-time scanning that you are performing.
  • Thermographic - shows temperature variations of the subsurface
  • Thermo Scan - creates infrared images with three-dimensional system

With the integrated magnetometer may be found in the ground magnetic masses. Also useful to detect small objects on the surface, the maximum depth of research on approximately 2 meters. The function magnetometer can be used with the following probes:

  • GPR 25cm - 50cm - 75cm - 100cm
  • Super Sensor
  • Antenna for tunnel
  • Livestream sensor

Ground Scan
Ground Scan mode can be adjusted individually and create a display 3D graphics. You can store up to one hundred scans with signal detection GPR to return exactly at the precise search. Allows three-dimensional scans with form, indicating the depth and many other information up to 25 meters.

A new feature is the system Livestream allows you to analyze the soil with a 4x resolution.

Ground Scan
Ground Scan function can be used with the following probes:

  • GPR 25cm - 50cm - 75cm - 100cm
  • Super Sensor
  • Antenna for tunnel
  • Livestream sensor

Metal Detectors
This function has a metal detector with high performance metals with discrimination. The performance of detection of objects in iron, gold, silver, aluminum, etc.. are about 2 meters. The function of the metal detector can be used with the following probe:

  • DDV System

Using the Super sensor can distinguish between ferrous and precious metals and detect cavities. Discrimination of metals can reach 25 meters in depth. The function Metal Detector can be used with the probe following:
Super Sensor

By detecting the variation of surface temperature of the soil, you can detect anomalies based on hot or cold spots. The FS Thermographic help detect and locate abnormal soil. Thermographic function can be used with the following probe:

By detecting the variation of soil temperature research, FS-ThermoScan offers a scan color graphics based on temperature changes. All thermal noise will be located and scanned on the display. ThermoScan function can be used with the following probe:

The Livescan system, displays images directly on the glasses found in the subsoil dell'EXP5000. lLampiezza probe is 50 cm. The collection is up to 25 meters. ThermoScan function can be used with the following probe:

  • Livestream sensor

The following technical indications are average values. During the search small variations are possible.

Control Unit Features

  • Operating temperature: 0 ° C / 50 ° C
  • Temperature re: -20 ° C / 60 ° C
  • Humidity: 5% / 75%
  • Water resistance: no
  • Size: 8 x 13 x 18 cm
  • Weight: about 2 kg
  • Voltage: 9.6 - 14.4 VDC, 22W maximum
  • Safety class: IP40
  • Independent research at 25 ° C: about 3 hours
  • Glass Display: 640 x 480 Pixels, Colors
  • Processor: 300 MHz Prozessor, INTEL i586-compatible
  • RAM: 256 MB RAM
  • Data memory: 256 MB
  • Answer: audio and visual
  • Summary survey: 25 meters

Data (USB)

  • Technology: USB
  • Maximum scan data: 19200 Baud

Minimum requirements for computer
The computer is not included in the portfolio, the values help you find the best PC all'EXP5000. The computer is crucial to analyze the scans, you can filter signals, eliminating the mineralization, recognizing cavity and metals, all this in a special three-dimensional software supplied.

  • CD-ROM: 4x minimum
  • Interface (data transmission): USB
  • Hard drive space: 50 MB minimum
  • Available memory (RAM): 256 MB
  • Graphics card: minimum 128 MB, OpenGL-compatible
  • Processor: minimo1.2 GHz
  • OS: Windows Vista, XP, 98SE, 2000

Ground Penetrating Radar EXP5000 is complete the following accessories by model.



Endowment Basic Gold Pro
3D software (3D Visualizer) 1 1 1
Transport Box 1 1 1
Control Unit 1 1
12V external battery with power supply and cable 1 2 1
GPR-antenna (50cm) 1 1 1
GPS satellite receiver 1 1 1
Joystick 1 1 1
Telescopic 1 1 1
User Guide 1 1 1
Video and integrated audio eyewear 1 1 1
Antenna for tunnel 1
DDV sistem ( metal detector ) 1 1
FS-ThermoScan 1
GPR-antenna (100cm) 1
GPR-antenna (25cm)
GPR-antenna (75cm) 1
Livestream sensor (real time) 1 1
Super Sensor 1 1
VLF emitter (4 box)

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