Geiger Counter GAMMA SCOUT

Geiger Counter GAMMA SCOUT
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Gamma Scout w/alert

GAMMA-SCOUT ® w / ALERT has implemented two horn: one, the ticker, which activates the classic ticking Geiger counters (generates a "tick" for each ray detected).
The other is an alarm that is activated when levels of radiation reaching the limit programmed by the user (min. 1.0 μSv / h - max 80 μSv / h). The alarm threshold default is 50 μSv / h.


LCD 4 digit
Analog bar logarithmica
Indicator modes

A variable opening in the tool head allows the Geiger-Muller tube to receive and detect the amount daily alpha, beta, gamma

96 pulses of 137 Cs radiation microsievert 1 / h of energy radiation environment.
Operating temperature -40 ° C / +75 ° C
Measuring range of 0.01 μSv / h to 1000.00 μSv / h

Alpha rays: 4 MeV
Beta rays: 0.2 MeV
Gamma: 0.002 MeV from

+ + Alpha Beta Gamma - Without filter
Beta + Gamma (Al foil of 0.1 mm) - Alpha filters
Range (3 mm Al foil) - Alpha filters completely, until the Beta 2 MeV, the maximum range. 7%

About 10 years (average 20 ° C and normal environment)

Average less than 10 micro amps
(This measurement)
> 1 milli Ampere Download

2 KB

Windows XP ® software and USB cable
PC connection

(Impact-resistant plastic)

Length 163 mm, width 72 mm height 30 mm

European CE standard rules - TUV - U.S. FCC 15

GAMMA-SCOUT ® is the latest technology in portable Geiger counters. Designed based on a very precise and reliable detector Geiger-Müller counter Geiger GAMMA-SCOUT ® is lightweight, compact with an ergonomic design so compact that it can be carried in your pocket.

Environment, normally, the values of radioactivity are not monitored.
Radiation can arise if you do not feel in any way, are invisible and odorless.

GAMMA-SCOUT ® is always on! Sample radiation without ever turning off.

Thanks to cutting-edge electronic design energy consumption is negligible.
With this technology, battery life can reach several years.
Fitted with a simple touch Just tap a button and instantly measure the value of radiation surrounding the displays in the large LCD display.


This product complies with FCC rules dictate that 15 U.S. Standard the following operating conditions:
1 - the tool does not cause harmful interference;
2 - any external interference should not in any way cause undesired operation.
Precision instrument tested and certified:
Each detector GAMMA-SCOUT ® undergoes rigorous testing under the supervision of a technical college German Institute of Radiation Protection.
For each instrument comes with a certificate of tests whose number is the serial number.
No electro:
GAMMA-SCOUT ® has been tested by TUV (German Technical Control Board) for product safety.
Meets all European standards and CE standards FCC15 USA.
GAMMA-SCOUT ® does not emit radiation, and can be flown.
... And also:

  • Protects reporting losses and contamination
  • Measure the state of contamination of debris after accidents
  • Monitor the content ofthe radio in the groundwater
  • Check the security of warehouses, transport and storage areas
  • Monitors the 'personal exposure
  • Easy to test potentially radioactive materials
  • Check levels of medical affairs (iodine-125)
  • Monitors the quality of the environment 'and air' water
  • Shows the radioactivity and nuclear principles
  • Locate sources of dangerous radiation and hidden
  • Checking levels of radiation due to silting and piles of waste
  • Measure the natural background radiation and the surrounding
  • Check watches, jewelry, and household items
  • Check food and water even when you are traveling

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