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Golden King

GoldenKing DPR Plus


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GoldenKing, developed by Nokta Engineering with advanced technology, has unique features. These features allow you to obtain more accurate results and more clear during the research.
One of the most important characteristics of the metal detector at the two interfaces GoldenKing of search screens: "General Search" and "Search with digital gauge" are high-quality digital.

GoldenKing is also able to detect underground cavities and metal inside the cavity. When it detects a metal into a cavity, GoldenKing draws both the 3D graph of the cavity, both of the metal, and shows the percentage values ​​on the screen.

Main technical features

  • Operating Principle: VLF Induction Balance
  • Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM9 running at 216MHz + 16-bit co-processor
  • Software: GUI with support for multiple languages
  • Noise Cancellation: Manual reset
  • Discrimination: Ferrous, Alloy, Steel, Non Ferrous, Gold
  • Target identification: signal strength and size del'obiettivo with 3D visualization
  • Sensitivity Setting: Manual
  • Ground balance: automatic and manual
  • Plates of research available: 36 x 44 cm (17'') Double-D, 24 x 32 cm (12.5'') Double-D search area, 60 x 100 cm (39'') Double-D for research depth (DPR PLUS)
  • Power supply: rechargeable Lithium battery 6400mAh
  • Display: 7''WVGA color TFT display
  • Headphone output: 1 / 4''Stereo
  • Registering 3D views: save up to 100 records 3D
  • Length: 90 - 120 cm (35 - 49'') extending
  • System Box Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) including batteries) - wearable hanging around his neck
  • User Manual Italian


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