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GPX 4800 Minelab

GPX 4800
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Minelab GPX 4800
Minelab GPX 4800 Control Pannel
Nuovi Minelab Serie GPX

The new GPX 4800 Metal Detector uses patented technologies Minelab MPS (Multi Period Sensing) technology Dual Voltage (DVT) and Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA).
The new and improved electronics, the possibility of changing the pulse rate based on soil and objectives and a wide range of new features, combined with the unique ability to detect GPX series in soils with high mineralization, make the GPX 4800 metal detectorsuitable for the search for gold at greater depths than other metal detectors.
Easy to use even for novice hunters, thanks to pre-set search modes and automatic functions.


  • MPS Technologies, DVT and SILK.
  • New approaches to calibrate the frequency of the metal detector, to improve their research and get more results in all conditions. Timing addition to the five available on the previous model introduces the new GPX 4800 Coin / Relic. Timing Coin / Relic is the setting for maximum depth in normal soil conditions.
  • Improved electronics for greater sensitivity and better balance on the ground.
  • Three pre-set search mode for easy operation and immediately begin the search. The three modes (General Deep and Hi-Mineral) can be modified according to user preferences.
  • Automatic balancing of the soil, facilitates the regulation of metal detector to suit all ground conditions.
  • Audio adjusted to enhance the ability to hear the signals of the targets.
  • Refusal iron adjustable according to the level of waste metal in soil research.
  • Motion control speed "brushed" to optimize responses.
  • Tuning (Noise Cancel) automatic and manual to minimize electrical interference.
  • Adjustment of the gain (Rx Gain) on receipt to adjust the sensitivity.
  • Backlit display for power seek both day and night. The backlight is adjustable with timeouts to conserve battery power.
  • Lithium Ion battery with built altoparalante, reading and high efficiency.
  • Standard plate 11 "Double D

Optional search coil for Minelab - GPX 4800


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