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Headhunter Diver Detector PRO

Headhunter Diver
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Headhunter DIVER Cuffia

Compact underwater metal detector with innovative electronics fully assembled inside stereo headphones, eliminating uncomfortable box controls, the weight of the metal detector is thus greatly reduced. Completely disassembled very little space, easily carried in a small backpack. Headhunter Diver is designed specifically for research on sea dive to 32 meters, but is also great on mineralized soils.


  • Operating Frequency: 2.4 kHz
  • Research plate: 8 "or 10" choice
  • Headphones: containing all the electronic circuit of the detector. With soft padding, insulated from outside noise to 24 decibels. Bow reinforced with new seals.
  • Audio Frequency: 400 Hz
  • Controls: discrimination, volume and sensitivity
  • Search Mode: Silent search, motion with excellent discrimination
  • Suitable for research: sea water, fresh water, dive to 32 meters, land generally
  • Handle: anatomical and comfortable
  • Armrest: stainless steel, with adjustable padded
  • Arm strap: nylon studs, adjustable velcro
  • Length: adjustable from 109 to 135 cm
  • Apart into three pieces for easy transport
  • Batteries included Weight: 1.580 kg
  • Autonomy: 50 hours of continuous research with alkaline batteries

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