MITO II Power XPlorer

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Mito II Power control box
XP Piastra da 22,5 cm.

Mito II Power is the evolution model of Myth II. This metal detector has an operating frequency calibrated to 18 kHz, which allows to detect even very small objects and to be very sensitive to gold. Particularly suitable for use in highly mineralized soils. Equipped with a completely new circuit and has the following improvements. You can use headphones WAS (accessory), because the transmitter circuit is already integrated on the board of the metal detector.

Ability to change the frequency of the work of WS headphones, not to bother with other metal

  • Response time on the much faster
  • New filters which allow a better research on land-ferrous
  • Three tones in all metal and discrimination
  • Easier to detect objects close to the noble-ferrous materials
  • Ability to use a very high sensitivity, very stable on any surface
  • Improving the stability of research and depth of detection
  • Improvement of the discrimination of iron (IRON VOLUME).


  • Operating Frequency calibrated at 18 KHz
  • Research the type of motion
  • Research in multi tone
  • Analysis of the signal using a microprocessor
  • Volume of detection of iron adjustable
  • Balance land manual
  • Switch the frequency selector (Freq1/Freq2)
  • Transmitter circuit for using the headphone WAS already integrated
  • Selection of the channel (Ch 1 and Ch2) of WS headset (accessory)
  • Power supplied by battery No. 8 stilo 1.5 Volts
  • Autonomy of 45 hours
  • Reporting batteries
  • Plate Double D search in carbon fiber by 22.5 cm., Waterproof, with prejudice plate
  • Box ABS commands very light and extremely durable
  • Bag hipmount
  • Auction decomposable into three parts
  • Metal detector very light and well balanced



Standard:Sacca hipmountZaino mimetico da trasporto
Wireless:Sacca hipmountZaino mimetico da trasportoCuffie WS3 2 canali

Optional search coil for XPlorer - MITO II Power


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