Pro-Pointer II (used by technical test) Garrett

Pro-Pointer II (used by technical test)
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Garrett Pinpointer nuovo da esposizione
Descrizione Pro-Pointer II

Garrett Pro-Pointer II used from technical test warranty 2 years. Pinpointing Metal Detector
With a new lost pinpointer alarm, increased durability and sensitivity, Garrett’s new Pro-Pointer II has everything you’ve come to trust from the original… and more!

Key features

Lost Pinpointer Alarm - After 5 minutes of being ON without a button press, the Pro-Pointer II will begin emitting progressively faster warning chirps for 60 minutes.

Auto-Off Feature - After one hour of warning chirps, the Pro-Pointer II will power off automatically.

Lanyard Attachment Clip - Use to attach the Pro-Pointer II to your belt, digging pouch or your detector.

Increased Durability and Sensitivity

Faster Retuning Capability - Fast on/off cycles allow user to quickly tune out the detection of saltwater, wet sand or highly mineralized ground. Retuning allows user to quickly:
- Shrink detection field to precisely pinpoint large targets
- Tune out mineralized ground, wet beach sand, etc.
- Help gauge target size/distance
- Help identify edges of large target
- Pinpoint multiple targets versus one large target signal

Operating Temperatures:   -35°F (-37°C) to 158°F (70°C)
Operating Frequency:   12 kHz
Environmental Rating:   Weatherproof; IP 66
Tuning:  Automatic
Indicators:  Proportional audio/vibration pulse rate
Controls:   Power switch
Dimensions:  Length: 9" (22.9 cm)
Thickness:   1.5" (3.8 cm) tapered to .875" (2.2 cm)
Weight:  6.5 oz. (0.2 kg.), with battery in
Battery:   Single 9V (included)
Battery Life Carbon: 16 hours / Alkaline: 30 hours / Rechargeable: 8 hours
Warranty: 2 Years


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