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Rattler Detector PRO

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Rattler cuffie

Rattler headphones are designed to allow the user to use them to stay alert to outside noises during the search. Excellent for use near busy roads and industrial sites. Rattler Headphones combine the efficiency of audio headphones Gray Ghost freedom to hear the noises external audio to have a greater readiness to respond to any threat.


  • Special patented design
  • Built to hear outside noise at research
  • Good sites for research posts and very dangerous
  • Potentiometer to control volume
  • One ear soft and comfortable
  • Adjustable headband without using screws, no rust future
  • Speaker designed for maximum sensitivity, efficiency and durable, with high quality audio response
  • Diverter block audio circuit, useful when searching with pinpointer hand, or to reverse the polarity of the wire
  • Acoustic shock protection
  • Isolation from outside noise to 24 decibels (one ear)
  • Audio response 200 - 3200 Hz
  • Sensitivity 72 dB @ 1kHz min.
  • Impedance 150 ohms nominal

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