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Safari Minelab

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Safari Great TREASURE performance.

The Safari is an easy to use mid-level TREASURE detector with enhanced multi-frequency technology and discrimination. This detector is great for high performance treasure hunting. With a Safari, you can detect anywhere, anytime. Its FBS technology uses an extended range of multiple frequencies, along with Automatic Sensitivity and Ground Compensation. This enables you to detect in a wide range of ground types from parks to salt water beaches.
The high resolution notch discrimination scale, Target ID numbers and Tone IDs make it easy to identify targets and automatically reject junk. The Trash Density function improves performance in high trash areas where coins, artefacts and jewellery are close to unwanted targets.
Minelab uses the best technology to hide the most complex tasks behind the scenes, making detecting with the Safari so easy!



Switch on and go detecting
Four factory preset Detect Modes make it easy to get started. As your experience grows,
four additional Detect Modes can be programmed to suit your needs. The clear button
layout, large display and streamlined menu make the Safari a very user friendly detector.

Find more valuable treasure, dig even less junk!
51 Target ID segments give the Safari almost twice the discrimination resolution of the
X-TERRA 705. Ferrous or conductive Tone ID allow you to customise audio tones for
different target types. These advantages give you a greater ability to identify targets.

Accurate audible and visual pinpointing
The exact location of a target can be accurately determined, before digging, using the
Pinpoint function. This uses variable audio pitch and volume, with a graphical display.

Lightweight, waterproof 11” Double-D coil
This precision engineered coil has improved mechanical stability and greater immunity
to electrical noise allowing you to increase sensitivity and achieve greater depth.

FBS technology
FBS takes BBS to the next level. Find more treasure deeper, using the best


  • Ultra-lightweight 11" Double D waterproof coil combines high performance, great depth and sharp pinpointing.
  • Four pre-programmed Detection Modes - Coin; Coin/Jewellery; Relic and All Metal.
  • Four Programmable user modes
  • Linear -10 to +40 discrimination scale. Accept/Reject functionality.
  • Fully Automatic and Manual Sensitivity control options.
  • Pinpoint with audio and visual indicators for accurate detection.
  • Trash Density - High ensures fewer false signals experienced in typical coin and relic environments, Low is ideal for clean sites.
  • Threshold adjustment level on a 0-40 scale.
  • Target Volume Adjust - adapts target signal volume to suit user preference.
  • Noise Cancel - automatically selects the quietest, most stable channel for detecting.
  • Menu Interface - Intuitive menu structure for fast and easy access and adjustment. Clear view target depth gauge; Target ID number; Target Icon (in Coin and Coin/Jewellery Modes); Mode indicators and Graphic Identification Bar showing active discrimination pattern.
  • LCD Screen, 64 x 128 pixel with adjustable contrast settings.
  • Long lower shaft as standard allowing extra extension for user comfort.
  • Robust, well balanced design for comfortable detecting over longer periods.

Optional Accessories

  • Coils 8" FBS Coil with Lower Shaft, 8" and 11" Skidplates
  • Battery 1600/1800mA/H NiMH Battery Pack; 'AA' Housing Battery Pack
  • Charger 12V Car Charger
  • Carbon Fibre Lower Shaft, Tall Man Lower Shaft

Optional search coil for Minelab - Safari

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