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SHERLOCK DTS2-Pro offers power and sensitivity of search, now with waterproof probe. Breeder response, audio or led. Leatherette holster with belt hook and lanyard with quick-release, you can use even if in the holster because the commands are at your fingertips. Can also be used in wet ground or water, the probe is sealed search for its entire length.


  • Small size
  • Power 9V battery
  • Voltages of use: 7-9V.
  • Low battery consumption
  • Battery compartment door on the back
  • Detection indication: LED / Audio
  • Power Button On-Off
  • Potentiometer sensitivity adjustment
  • Power of detecting maximum 3.5 cm (sample currency)
  • Probe Research watertight
  • Washed again all metals
  • Length probe search: 10 cm
  • Dimensions of the box controls (mm): height 25, width 60, length 105
  • Weight (g) without battery 105 with battery 163
  • Color: Black

Slightly larger than the best-selling Sherlock DTS2-Pro, SuperScanner offers more power and the same detection sensitivity as always, very important is the power side of the probe search.

Sherlock SuperScanner offers a high sensitivity to small metal objects and the ground is not disturbed. The probe is watertight throughout its length, the detection is selectable audio sound or LED light, complete with holster and belt.

Easy to use, allows an accurate reading even in the grass, mud, wet sand, black sand and mineralized ground. It 'can also detect the iron in the concrete. The SuperScanner accelerates the recovery of objects detected by metal detectors, coins, gold, silver, and bronze relics will be immediately traced and retrieved in a flash, you have more time for the next search.


  • 10 cent coin. € 2.5 cm
  • Metal 50 cents. € 3 cm
  • Bronze coin 3 cm 4 cm
  • 4 cm 100 pounds
  • Tin tear 2.5 cm
  • Gold ring 18mm diameter 2.5 cm
  • Soft drink cans (aluminum) 6 cm
  • Little seamstress needle 4-5 mm
  • Large iron mass 14 cm

The probe detects both peak and along the entire length, so it is possible to search in parallel with the probe and hit the target with the tip hang is detected, the recovery in this way is extremely fast. The pinpointer not sound the red brick.

Certifications: CE RoHs

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