Earth 705 X-GOLD Minelab

Earth 705 X-GOLD
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X-Terra 705 GOLD
X-Terra 705 GOLD display

Minelab X-Terra Gold

The X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack is the most advanced and versatile ADVENTURE detector configured especially for gold prospecting. The ultimate all-purpose X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack is easy to use. Thanks to dedicated Prospecting and Coin & Treasure modes, just choose what you want to search for, and start detecting.
With Iron Mask Discrimination and Automatic Ground Balance Tracking functions, you will be recovering more gold nuggets using this specialised Gold Pack configuration. With the modulated Threshold it is much easier to hear faint target responses at greater depth. This lightweight ergonomically designed detector gives you better handling for long periods of time. The adjustable shaft and armrest allow you to setup your detector for maximum comfort. The supplied 18.75 kHz 10 x 5-inch Double-D water resistant coil is best for gold prospecting.


2 detectors in 1! - Carry the one detector and switch from a coin and treasure detector to a gold prospecting detector at the press of a button.

Easy to use - switch on and go! - With four preset Discrimination Patterns, Iron Mask discrimination and automatic functions this detector is ideal for beginners through to expert users.

Prospecting Mode - the perfect X-TERRA for your next goldfields adventure. The modulated Threshold changes in both pitch and volume, making faint target
responses much easier to hear. With accurate variable Iron Mask discrimination, ignore
iron junk so you’re more productive digging ‘golden holes’.

Accurate Ground Balance options to ‘see through the ground’ - Beat ground mineralisation with manual, automatic, and ground tracking options to find targets in mineralised ground that other detectors miss.

VFLEX Technology (3 frequencies - 3 kHz, 7.5 kHz, 18.75 kHz) - You can change the detector’s frequency by changing coils. This advanced digital technology gives you maximum versatility and performance.

Internal technology
VLFEX technology uses a sophisticated electronics with digital signal processing for maximum accuracy in detection. This ensures reliable performance and greater immunity to environmental conditions such as ground mineralization, electromagnetic interference and temperature variations. The plates were thoroughly research VFLEX constructed and calibrated. Every time you turn the metal detector, the control box and the plate establish a connection through the connection and processing of data and combine to give optimum performance!

Key Features
• How to search specifically for GOLD
• plate standard search 18.75kHz elliptical DD, maximum depth and ground cover
• Digital Iron Mask Discrimination, eliminates unwanted targets
• Automatic Ground Balance, eliminates false signals from ground
• Effective Noise Cancel - reduces interference
• Long battery life
• Lightweight - easy to learn and easy to use
• Technology VFLEX - plates incidental to 3kHz and 7.5kHz
• High performance and accuracy in the detection of money
• Discrimination and identification of the lens with numerical targets

Optional search coil for Minelab - Earth 705 X-GOLD

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